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Hunting in the urban jungle, crossing, passing, photographing, inking, cutting, installing, pinning, labelling a hundred of passersby. As an endangered species: Humanity!

I’m chasing Humanity with my camera, I’m feeding off it, using it as a raw material, a medium of creation. Small & simple humans, fragile, tenuous, all different thus all similar ...

We all have a place in these boxes. And if not we, at least our images, floating in the air, not landing anywhere. Without touching the support. I like to change it, the big one becomes the little one, the little one accumulates and becomes symbol of the big or the

very big one. The dimension is a choice while the scale is illusion. Everything depends on the field of view. Nothing leads anywhere, everything leads to everything, simple matter of perspective. Just as the entomologist pins dead things, I see life in the center of the pin, and make it gives some movement, creates directions, parodies or resurrects life and its pulsations. Humans are everywhere, as in an anthill. But would not Humanity, in our glassand steel Cities of Pride, be endangered, without any place where to take shelter? If so, its image will be pinned in a case of entomartist.                 

Translation from french text Ninon Cadiat


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