Enriqué Karabitian



The human body and its movement are the backbone of his work: he dwells on it, gets lost as one experiences the mud drilling in geology. He is also the foundation of his great Marines, Landscapes, Still lifes and even symphonies.

In drawing, his favorite media are charcoal, pastel and watercolor; in painting, oil, and in sculpture, clay, wax, and bronze; whatever the actual size of his work, he is still monumental.



Born in Cordoba, Argentina. Lives in Brussels, Belgium.Geology studies at the University of Cordoba and Leuven, Belgium. Geologist at the Catholic University of Louvain and for the Geological Survey of Belgium.

Takes Belgian nationality in 1984.


Drawing: Constantin Meunier Academy, Brussels;

Sculpture: Rhok Academy and Academy of Anderlecht;

Painting: Anderlecht Academy, Brussels, Belgium.

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