Benjamin Coosmans

Screenprinting, graphic art


Benjamin Coosmans develops his personal work by using screen printing as a creative tool in its own right.

His work is impregnated and influenced by the culture of graffiti, by the abstract expressionism of the New York school and by the work of the artist Jacques Villeglé. They can be found in his works through trails of brushes, traces of felt, textures of aerosol cans or

torn paper. Through silkscreen printing, he superimposes these different elements in order to compose his graphic universe. His work on forms and color is not limited to figurative or abstract, but is a search for a balance between these two pictorial worlds.


Benjamin Coosmans was born in 1983 in Brussels.

After a specialization in arts, in secondary school, he did a preparatory year at St Luc before joining the silkscreen printing workshop of La Cambre (ENSAV) in Brussels. He graduated in Printed Images and Graphic Art in 2009 with an agrégation to teach

visual arts in secondary school.

In 2015 he joined the studio ton piquant in Ixelles with two other silkscreen artists.

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