Frederik Langhendries

Lithography, drawing


Our digital society still produces masses of paper in our daily lives: publicity flyers, administrative forms or newspapers,… Most of them end up in the waste paper bins in front of our homes or offices. Even confidential papers such as assessment reports, embassy documents and bank papers, after being shredded and put in bags or are discarded in the street in front of the public with the greatest nonchalance.  All these papers carry a personal history, bear tracks that I transform in order to give them a new meaning.          

The lithographic series "Waste Paper" is based on papers I find in the street while on my way to work. I cut, tear, crease the paper in order to make new compositions that are being scanned and reshaped again by scratching, cutting, soaking in ink, folding and perforating.  Finally, the scan is transferred onto a lithographic stone which is again being reshaped before the final printing process.


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