Geo De Bruycker

Sculpture, printmaking



Life is constantly in motion, nothing stays as it is. Human beings, who originated from nature, are also subjected to nature’s cyclical movements. This closed cycle, the eternal return of life, can be found in the mythological ‘ouroboros’ symbol, the snake which eats its own tail.


Generation after generation follow each other. However, each individual leaves a trace in life, either in the form of a path they have chosen to follow, or by way of a signature, or through a realisation ... Each action, each venture is in conflict with nature and he leaves traces or signs which we can label as scars.


According to Geo De Bruycker, this thought forms the starting point of all creativity. As an artist, he often starts from the traces others have left behind, like the recycling of finishing zinc. Geo uses appropriate writing for his art objects in zinc, his graphics and his paintings, although the symbols used are illegible and refer to lost cultures. This appropriate form of writing is either developed as ‘automatic writing’, which is purely interpreted through feelings, or the writing will have more of a cerebral approach, whereby each written symbol is expressly built up.


However, these writings don’t contain an explicit message.


He is currently working on the concept of the family tree.


Geo De Bruycker

Ooievaarslaan 12

9840 De Pinte

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