Rémy Ficheroulle



Through his academic learning, Rémy Ficheroulle paints oil portraits but also landscapes that over time will become more and more explosive and abstract, interacting more and more material and infinite means to represent, to translate life and things.

In 2009 he discovered a new technique inspired by tattooing and engraved frigolite using a tattooing needle. He will call it electrogravure. The style becomes more refined and dramatic, the constraints of representation and the palette reduced to a minimum. The subjects become more precious, more refined.

The painter questions the three great subjects of Western painting that are the bearer, the still life and the landscape. Focused on the vibration of things and beings, he captures everyday moments and tries to find the pictorial translation that best captures the shock of his contemplation: "we do not paint a cry as we paint a murmur."

His melancholic compositions invite us to dream, our gaze lost on the horizon, immersed in matter.


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