Francesca Scarito

Photography, foldings


The singularity of the work of the fold, is born from the meeting of different disciplines. The creation is the fruit of these meetings, a game of echoes between the different plastic fields. It is the figuration of an experience of the continuous in the cut. What was thought to be separate turns out to be inherent to each other. Francesca works on the passage of time, the movement of life and time passing. At the center of the artist's work is the question of the gaze, positioning, from the point of view. The question related to the personality, with regard to the other, to the image in our society ... 
The rhythm of the folds accentuates the idea of ​​movement ... The fold is played by the spectator, surprises him. The encroachment of the figures brings us back to a world of variations, sequences and rhythms where contours no longer needed.



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