Leandro Centore



Leandro Centore (With the participation of Quentin Gervaise)

Mechanical Drawing is the implementation of a drawing method : tools / machines and work tables were built and then experimented through rules of use and operations. The drawing emerges from the mecanism which the artist completely takes part. the artist's drawing scope lies in the tension between rigorous execution of a determined operation and open dialogue with the drawing being done.

This is an exploration of some relations and their variations:

• Written instruction or procedure / gesture

• The visual image / the operative image

• The repetition of a given gesture / the invention of a new gesture

• Rapidity of the gesture or working time / scope of the gesture or workspace

• Different operating modes: machine / tool / hand

Apart from the operative device, the formal possibilities of these drawings draw from an imaginary space: the point (elementary particle), the line or trajectory (repetition of the point in the movement of the tool / machine), the surface ( limited extent, formed of points or lines), the frame (intersections of lines), the body or figure (agglomeration of points) ...


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