Philippe Brodzki




Born in Brussels in 1952, at the age of 14, I discovered sculpture. Since then, this passion will not leave me anymore. It is in the workshop of Mirco Orlandini that I initiated ceramics and with André Willequet the sculpture.

Housed in Düsseldorf in the studio of Marcel Broodthaers, I continue my training with Josef Beuys at the Academy of this city.

Then at the Academy of Krakow in Poland in the sculpture studio.

At the same time, during these years of study drawing will complete my training.

My figurative works, of a firm realism, are recognized by their non-academicism. The relationship between man and animal is my favorite subject, which oddly refers to mythology.

My passion for art has always been one of meeting and sharing. My studio has become over time a place of passage where friends and artists have stopped.

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